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Adam – Physician assistant

Adam – Physician assistant

By Bryan Wright 0 Comment December 4, 2019

What was sold to me when I was applying, was that I would be coming in and working in a team atmosphere with
a really high-level group within the ProHealth Medical Group. I would also be paired with a physician who is really at the top of the game, and really be challenged
by what she was doing as well as what the team was doing, and also bringing ourselves forward as one of the premier APP groups
within the ProHealth system. When I got here it was exactly
that, if not a little more. One of the first things
that was told to me when I came in to interview, as I’d been in orthopedics for 13 years, and our supervisor looked at me and said, don’t worry about all
that orthopedics stuff we’ll teach you what you need to know. And from there forward, they paired me up with each different APP in the group and I was able to draw
on their experiences and start moving forward. So when I applied they told
me to expect to come in and work with a high-quality,
high-level team, and when I got here that’s
exactly what I found. Experienced practitioners
that were also very collegial and ready to help support
each other at any aspect, as well as the physician I was paired with being an excellent
teacher and ready to bring somebody along over the long term. (gentle piano music)

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